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Kar is Popping Over 

August 25, 2016


Forced to Migrate

August 23, 2016

Because my free 3.0gb media uploads have reached its limit. There’s no way I’d be paying to extend the storage so this means, I’ve to forsake or


Till there, no updates for BKK or daily till the new site’s name is decided. Which might take forever.

Week 33 into BKK!

August 19, 2016

Mac new burger collection left me coming back for more! The Spicy Chicken with Apple Slaw is good! Comes with rocket greens instead of the usual lettuce!



FINALLY!!!! Not mine. HH’s results.



Which meant we can celebrate with a joyous reason! Though we intended to go Bedrock regardless of results. If pass then YAYS celebratory dinner, if suay suay fail then consolation dinner for HH! Hahaha! So we had 400g and 300g of Ribeye. AND Mac & Cheese AND Sauteed Mushrooms. Eat until BAOZHAAAA!


Spotlight having storewide 30%! Grabbed some cloths at good price!


First attempt at overnight oats.


Of course I had to make a noob mistake by missing out milk. So it was tooooo dry when we ate it the next morning. The strawberries were sour as I’ve expected but good thing I prefer sour to sweet fruits. And we used Greek Yogurt coz healthier choice. Added 1 tsp of manuka honey but it was still dry. I think adding some milk would make it so much better. I added in abit of milo to mine though. Haha!
Sorry HH for making you horrible breakfast today. =X 明天会更好。相信我吧!


Because this is my lunch for 2 consecutive days. Haha! Considering it converted a non-LorMee person into craving for it regularly. It must have some standard right. Most importantly, got THICK BEE HOON. I hate yellow noodles/ kway teow and mildly dislike thin bee hoon. Haha!



Suffering from thighs and butt aches from my 33mins youtube yoga attempt yesterday morning. What muscles. All turned into blobs of fats! AHHHHHH! Can’t even walk fast today. Looking mildly odd with the way I walk. Haha! But.

Pain is weakness leaving my body


Dinner with JS! After a long time, though we live like 15mins walk away from each other. After I moved to our own place, less inclined to meet people coz Home is just the best place to be. Haha! We had London Fat Duck! Cause she hasn’t tried before and zy is very not interested. Haha! Anyway I love chinese food, I love dimsum, so we shall go! Had a good chat with her while it rained VERY heavily after days of scorching heat. I woke up at 5.30am the night before in SWEAT, and couldn’t fall back to sleep again. Oh man. Very much welcome this downpour, especially when I’m well-sheltered from it. Haha!

2 more days to weekend! So looking forward to the girls’ short getaway this weekend!


I’ve specifically 2 colleagues who have no EQ. Nothing good comes out of their mouth. Like HELLO. No thanks for unsolicited remarks about non-work related issues. Just shaddup and MYOB.


Overnight oats this time with pre-mixed oats and Greek Yogurt. Only with Golden Kiwi though. Moist enough coz spammed more yogurt. Didn’t add any milk. I found it a little lacking of flavour though. Maybe can add honey or apples next time. Or just use Meiji Yogurt, dont try to be too healthy. HAHA! But still 今天就是更好的那一天!


Last minute work requests meant no going back to Mummy’s homecooked food. Wails!!! But HH went back still and dabao-ed for me so here is my shiok dinner at 10.15pm! Heated and cooked fresh by HH. Heehee!

Before he spins off for a night ride. But not before helping me finish more of the noodles!!

Goodbye from Royalz!

Updating from BKK airport! Yahooooo!!

Week SG51!

August 14, 2016

Q-ing for the “legendary” very faraway YTF for lunch. Apparently, the ladies in office very hyped about it. Look at the Q!

Very long!

Finally ordered and waiting for our takeaways, but I must say they are really fast.


So many Pokemons around Orchard areas!!! It was phenomena because I’ve never seen Orchard Gateway and Orchard Central’s lobby being loitered by as many people as I did today. Granted that it was a National Day eve but still! 90% were loitering for the one same reason.

And I caught Bulbasaur at OC!! YAYS!


The YTF really not bad! 8 items for $5.10 (inclusive of $0.30 for takeaway) given Orchard area is pretty reasonable right?

Non-Pokemon trainer taking complaints to social media. HAHAHA

LOLOLLLLLL! That’s what teams are for.


Supper outing to catch Pokemon


img-20160809-wa0000.jpg screenshot_2016-08-09-00-48-35.png



National Day, Happy Birthday Singapore! Even more celebrated coz it’s a PH! Haha!
img_0430.jpg wp-1470787596389.jpeg

First group pic before Andy leaves!

Saw the chinok flying pass our place with our flag to the national stadium!
20160809_183033_hdr.jpg wp-1470787779192.jpeg

And also advanced celebration for XP! Happy 30th!
wp-1470787623426.jpeg wp-1470787615084.jpeg wp-1470787628862.jpeg

2nd group pic with Shawn but without Andy and DG!


Homecooked Mee Siam with the MeeSiam paste. Yums!



Happy Birthday to my dearest FIFAIFO!!!
img_0456.jpg img_0459.jpg img_0461.jpg

May all good and lovely things come your way. And be less blur! Like how we’re supposed to meet at Cityhall but she went to Wheelock outlet instead. Haha! Mega hugs and kisses!

The fluffiest, freshest Tuna Pancake I’ve bought from Mr Bean! Think it was just out of the “oven”!

Tried out supported handstand and it was kinda challenging after a long hiatus


Before supporting J Schooling for the 100m Butterfly Finals! And he won! Really proud of his acheivement! Even more that he managed to win his childhood idol Phelps in the event. It’s a HUGE deal for an individual to win your idol.


Brekkie with HOs and then bringing back my Taobao loots! Including the planter shelf! Yays! Now the plants are relocated to a more shady but still have access to sunlight and rain water spot along the corridor. Let’s hope the plants can flourish in the new spot. Meanwhile, time to plant new plants!
img_0487.jpg img_0488.jpg

Took a stroll to Punggol Safra to meet Tengs for impromtu dinner! Shun bian catch Pokemon. Haha! But I think i didn’t catch any that I don’t already have.

Also tried out the bowling alley after dinner at Jack’s place! Chloe had such ball of fun! She was SOOOOO thrilled at her first bowling experience. But I think Teen had the most fun. HAHA!


Sunday brekkie!

HH: Wanna eat Coffee Bean?
Me: Don’t want la, let’s go foodcourt, cheaper.
Walking past London Fat Duck…
HH: Wah, got dim sum and porridge. Want?
Me: WAH. Ok.

So much for “cheaper”. HAHAHA! But first experience at London Fat Duck was good! I’ve high expectations of Har Kow but they impressed me. Will be back!

The original Snow Bun is really nice too.

So is this Chee Cheong Fun with Shrimps.

Of course we had to try the Fat Duck, fatty indeed but good with the noodles.

The Ting Zai Congee was smooth, but I felt it could be more flavourful! HH thinks it’s good as it is though.


Identifying the problem

August 8, 2016

With the launch of Pokemon Go 2 days ago in Singpapore, and today being the first working day back in office, I’m hearing alot of mixed reviews from non-Pokemon Go players about how dangerous the game can be, how Pokemon Go in US made news by saying fatal accidents caused by the game.

I merely pass a remark when asked about my view.

“There is no danger in the game, it’s the user’s responsibility”

It’s never about you taking away a man’s fishing hook because he might injure himself with the hook, instead you teach him how to use the fishing hook the safe and proper way.

Week 31, into August!

August 7, 2016

Start your week right with “good” food.

Homemade Egg Mayo wrap, Milo and Cherries! DARK KinderBueno released to the market, just had to try it. Slightly less sweet and more bearable than the original.

20160801_090604.jpg 20160801_153300.jpg

I never knew my friend can be this drama. No wonder we’re friends. But the timing was super zhun. Call it women’s instinct. HAHA!
And yes, we did have fate and met in the bus queue after i buy my bread, where I startled a man by suddenly giggling out loud when Kang turned back and see me.


Can you find the cat?? PPP sent us this at bedtime. I gave up finding. Haha!


Tuesday is Pork Shabu Japanese Curry Rice! First attempt and not too bad! Because we mastered cooking rice now. 1 cup rice : 1 cup water!! (i’d suggest adding in maybe 1 table spoon or more if you like fluffier rice)
wp-1470187715745.jpeg wp-1470187723851.jpeg


HH tele-conferencing while I iron and watch my 绝世好工 drama on almost mute mode.


Greedy breakfast.


Recently I get very angst when people around start complaining/ blaming around. About their situation, about people who buy 纯粹.喝 milk tea & latte, about the food we get served here, complain about kid(s) misbehaving, complain abt how inappropriate the university orientation camps are getting. Anything also can complain. And most of the time, the complaints do not even affect them directly. Seriously.

Super roll-eyes. My tolerance for complaints these days are non-existent.


Luncheon Fried Rice by HH! I just walk in and out of kitchen until HH chase me out. Haha! He was home slightly early so he was already cooking by the time I got home.
wp-1470278800213.jpeg wp-1470278813840.jpeg

Fruits for the night! Gold Kiwi very nicely soured.

Enjoying remainder of the luncheon can coz we only need 4pcs for tomorrow’s breakfast!

Yes, this is the tomorrow’s breakfast. So unhealthy.

A slightly healthier version with Tuna.


Fix of iiao iiao! Been a while. And they increased price again!!! Sanum going for $6.95 now! When I just had them, it was only $5.90.


Olympics Rio 2016! GoSingapore!


Homecooked instant lunch. Mala mian and somen!
20160806_144620.jpg 20160806_145015.jpg


TPS Race 3 in the City.
20160807_081653_hdr.jpg 20160807_090403.jpg 20160807_090616.jpg 20160807_091827.jpg 20160807_092359.jpg 20160807_093048.jpg 20160807_094612.jpg 20160807_101051.jpg 20160807_101115.jpg


Rushed home to clean and wash up before lunch at SuFood for Nic’s 21st lunch!
img_0419.jpg img_0423.jpg img_0426.jpg


Then heading to GW SZ’s place for their appreciation dinner to us. LOL. Still got present! This present is very much appreciated than any other items that one can buy for us.
img_0427.jpg wp-1470621387100.jpeg wp-1470621390242.jpeg


As many have known, Pokemon Go Singapore was launched on Saturday. On Nic’s 21st birthday infact. Haha! So of course, I wanted to try it out! Faster downloaded and chope username! Too bad my trainer name is not my initial choice.


Venonat in my toilet when I pooping. TMI i know.



Weedle on my dining table



Nidoran attacking HH’s buttocks!!!!



Tentacool seeking refuge near my wardrobe



Horsea by the Marina Bay during my run!



Slowpoke on my shoe cabinet early morning.

Week 30!

July 31, 2016

Seriously, I have to look extra closely and carefully to see if Sunny’s eyes are opened or closed many times. He must be thinking is this Jiejie blind. Btw, I know how his brown eyebrows are too misleading.
20160725_215905.jpg 20160725_215915.jpg


Nam Nam!!! After a long long long! I love vietnam popiahs! Minus the funny raw veggies.


Baked dinner for tonight.
Preparation time: 15mins
Slice Zucchini, Tomato. Wash chicken, salmon and mushroom.
Add Olive Oil. Sprinkle salt, pepper herbs and juice in lemon juice. Wrap it up and ready to be baked!

Super oveR-baked chicken!!!! Too dry!! Next time must leave in for 15mins for this size.

Left all items baking for long because of this huge piece of salmon! Ended up baking for 35mins was too long even for this salmon.

Dinner for 2. Wiped out but totally stuffed. No more salmon for next 1 month please.


How to get egg like this:
Boil water. Put in egg. Do ironing while watching drama. Smell chaotah smell, thinking it’s coming from the iron. Goes to kitchen to shocking discovery.

Dory-brained!!! HH almost CBB at me.


Wraps again! For the greedies. Egg Mayo + Tomato Chili Tuna with Zucchini wrap. Yumyum in my tumtum. Should have drained the tuna oil first, a little too oily for today’s!

B&J’s #CeleBakeSG free samples! Perfect for hot Friday lunch! Still abit too jelak for my liking, didn’t even finish it.

20160729_134328.jpg 20160729_134433.jpg


With XP’s recommendation, we finally went to Topaz to buy this! HomeFix selling similar item for $19.90. We bought from Topaz at $5.90! We certainly don’t look like carrot heads.

Before and After~
wp-1469847203194.jpeg wp-1469847213189.jpeg


Rilakkuma land! New bolster addition from Mummy. Heeheehee!

This potato cheese croquette from Isetan is very shiok lo!


Came back to Bedok smelling a very familiar strong smell, then I saw this.

Part of the stash at Gu Gu’s house.

Asked 5th Uncle what “breed” are the durians he said “狗山王”.
Although I’m not a durian fan (i just don’t fancy it, but don’t find it smelly), this basket of Golden Phoenix durians are really very 香. I can smell them from miles away.

Andong Zzimdak at Raffles City with Royalz! Must say the food is pretty good! All 4 of us love the Mini Seafood Pancakes coz there’s mini toppoki balls in it! So chewy like bubble tea pearls! We wiped out the huge plate of andong jjimdak. The rice noodles inside super QQ! Will be back!
And , their kimchi and radish is really good too.
20160731_175226.jpg 20160731_181454.jpg